Sunday, 7 February 2016

Be my Valentine and Receive a Dozen Roses

Baba's Beeswax is turning 25 and is celebrating with a dozen free roses to everyone who attends our Valentine's Workshops.  We love giving away free things. These gorgeous 40 cm roses are freshly-picked in Kenya and are just waiting to open up in a vase. We have red, pink, orange and white. They're so gorgeous—it will be hard to decide which colour to choose. What better way to celebrate our birthday!

See workshop details here.

Friday, 5 February 2016


Thanks to a reliable admirer in Ontario, 31.39 grams of 99.99% pure silver is on a long journey to a very revered place in my pysanka collection. I'm so excited to be the recipient of the Traditional Ukrainian Pysanka coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint (2016). The coin is a first, but regrettably, the mintage was only 4000.
Royal Canadian Mint 150664
 The colourful egg-shaped pattern of a pysanka is one of the most beloved forms of traditional Ukrainian folk art. I am proud to be included in the 10% of Canada's population who are of Ukrainian heritage and celebrating our 125th Anniversary of settlement from coast to coast to coast.
The breathtaking design was created by Canadian artist Ann C. Morash (reverse) and Susanna Blunt (obverse). It captures intricate beauty with its rich symbolic meaning and colours: yellow for youth and purity; red for the joy and passion in life; green for hope and renewal; and black suggesting the darkest time before dawn.
At the top and bottom of the egg are large flowers which symbolize love, goodwill and the beauty of nature. These are framed by bands of waves that speak of water's life-giving properties. Beneath the waves at the top are stylized depictions of the sun and stars, which symbolize life, fortune and growth. A reinterpretation of these also appear in the centre, where they alternate with evergreen boughs that represent eternal health and youth. When combined, the colours and motifs result in a design that is open to many interpretations, but that is nonetheless a vibrant celebration of a full and colourful life.
Not only is Canada celebrating the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian settlement, but also Baba's Beeswax is turning 25. We're celebrating with lots of events, offers and gifts in the coming year.
The current state of the Canadian dollar may be weak, but this $20 silver egg-shaped pysanka coin is priceless!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Get a Free Workshop with Volunteer Hours

Sometimes you have to snoop around to find free things! Baba's Beeswax is looking for people of all ages who are fun-loving with a sense of humour to participate in the July 1st Canada Day Salmon Festival Parade with them. This is a great opportunity for high school and international students to earn volunteer hours at a non-charitable event while at the same time start off the summer with a blast. Of course you would have to know a little bit about pysanky in order to participate—and that is where the free workshop comes in! Everything provided.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Celebrating the year of the sheep in 2015

Whether celebrating the year of the sheep, ram or goat, according to the Chinese zodiac it's Spring Festival / Lunar New Year time. The festivities start today and last to February 7, 2016. Isn’t this the cutest ram written by Aaron as we celebrated BC Family Day making pysanky in my studio on February 8, 2015? Very creative work Aaron. Whether it symbolizes the Chinese year of the sheep or the Ukrainian pysanka ram symbol for leadership, victory, and joy, I hope your pysanka brings you a year filled with happiness, good fortune, and egg-cellent grades in school.

As for me, I feel doubly lucky in 2015 as a Capricorn, and luvin' my goat symbol. Baaaaa . . . . .

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Loves Pysanky

. . . . at least that's what he told me!

With Prime Minister Stephen Harper at BCIT Motive Power Centre of Excellence

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

2014 Doors Open – This is what Canada is all about!

It's been a busy summer.  Just a week following the European Festival, we opened our studio, gallery, and library to the public in celebration of Richmond's Doors Open event.
The weekend started with an opening ceremony at London Farm heritage house. My sister was visiting from Toronto. She loves antiques and has her own heritage house in the Ottawa Valley, so she was especially interested in this historical venue.

The weather was glorious that weekend, and the next 2 days were a flurry of activity. Guests were welcomed to a festive expanse of balloons, and my Save the World with Pysanky display. The kids in our neighbourhood had cookies, muffins and lemonade for our visitors.  
The tour started upstairs in the gallery of pysanky, followed by the opportunity to look at the expanse of books catalogued in About the Pysanka—It Is Written!  A cozy corner was set up for reading children's stories.

Many visitors were interested in watching the video, Pysanka: The Ukrainian Easter Egg. The next display to look at was How to Make Pysanky and learn how to empty eggs at the kitchen sink.
Fortunately the weather was sunny and the display expanded to include both levels of our home. Downstairs, children could take a photo in our cut-out pysanka in the garden, interact with mascots Patsy Pysanka and Guy Kistka in the yard, or colour some pysanky pictures inside.

There were puzzles set out for the pysanky timid and for those who wanted to relax.

Tom enjoyed demonstrating pysanky until it was time to facilitate the free workshops.
Everyone loved making pysanky! A group of ladies arrived to celebrate Lou's birthday.  An East Asian woman (sorry, I forgot her name) enjoyed applying traditional Indian patterns to her egg. Another some zen motifs. Everyone was very creative. Ruth arrived with two of her four daughters and was taking her pysanky back to Israel. She commented with a heart-warming "this is what Canada is all about"!

The weekend was dedicated to peace and justice in Ukraine with donations going to CNEWA. Thank you to everyone for your donations.

See more photos of the event on my Flicker Album 2014 Doors Open here.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Pysanky at 17th Annual European Festival

Tom at EuroFest
Tom and I welcomed my sister from Toronto to attend the 17th Annual European Festival with us at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby. Over two glorious sunny days thousands of people visited our Pysanka Pavilion of displays, demonstrations, and workshops. According to an ancient legend, as long as pysanky are being made evil shall not prevail over good in the world. The pavilion, which is always a big hit at this festival, was dedicated to peace and justice in Ukraine, and a gift of a decorated egg was given to anyone who made a donation to CNEWA to help in that cause. We enjoyed a well-deserved post-event rest in the beer gardens with entertainment and music.

See more photos on my Flickr Album here.